Adult Orthodontics

Your smile lasts forever, its never too late to correct the appearance of your front teeth!

…Do you have Crooked teeth?

We’ve had a great few weeks of recently finishing up a lot of orthodontic cases in time for summer!

Our short term tooth straightening has given many happy patients beautiful, straight, white teeth in a few short months.

At Annes Lane Dental we can provide discreet and efficient options to give you that perfect smile to be confident with and fits in with your lifestyle. Adults generally recoil at the thoughts of wearing “metal train tracks” for two years, so we provide a range of fast, safe and discreet options available! At Last!

I provide clear aligners, white fixed braces and removable appliances that can be correct crooked front teeth in a few months. Our techniques employ the latest technology in dentistry to move teeth safely and quickly. We focus on correcting the teeth that show when you smile.

If you are unhappy or self conscious of your smile, come and meet with us for a free consultation, we can discuss what options are available top you, and you too could have beautiful straight, white smile within the next few months!

Call or email us as below, and have a look at our recent cases!


1 hour tooth whitening in dublin before1 hour tooth whitening in dublin after

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