Tooth Whitening

We use three Tooth whitening systems in our Dublin practice and advise a consultation to recommend the best treatment for you.

  • Zoom!
  • BriteSmile
  • Whitening Trays

Zoom tooth whitening

One whitening system is called Zoom! and is the number one selling system in America and is the same one used on the television show Extreme Makeover for teeth whitening.

It uses a light activated whitening gel to lighten the enamel and dentine and has been shown to whiten teeth up to 10 shades.

Brite Smile tooth whitening

The other tooth whitening system is BriteSmile. BriteSmile is a state of the art teeth whitening procedure developed by a former NASA scientist.It is a fast and simple procedure that can be done in about an hour. It has recently been voted the favourite whitening treatment of the modelling world.

Teeth Whitening Trays

This is a very traditional method of teeth whitening. It uses very thin trays containing whitening gel which are worn for about four hours a day over a period of about 2 weeks.

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